Thymuskin® Styling Gel

The dermatological THYMUSKIN® Styling Gel + Hair Care product

THYMUSKIN® STRUCTURE Styling Gel provides high-maintenance hair with structure and natural body. It is a 2-in-1 styling gel and hair care product providing a healthy and well-groomed hair with moisture and premium care ingredients.

  • For normal, thinning & damaged hair
  • Combines natural hold with strengthening hair care
  • Gives hair structure and body
  • Lends shine and smoothness

How Does it Work?

How It Works
  • Prolonging the natural growth cycle by protection from DHT and enzymes.
  • Rejuvenation of root hair follicles by activation of keratinocytes.
  • Advanced stimulation by various thymic peptides.

What makes THYMUSKIN® unique is the biologically active agent GKL-02, as it inhibits various enzymes that play a key role in hair treatment. Harmful DHT are potentially blocked, which can reduce the dying of hair follicle cells. Furthermore, THYMUSKIN® activates and proliferates the keratinocytes in the hair matrix; the basic substance of each hair. Read Thymuskin FAQsIt promotes the formation of new hair cells and strengthens the existing hair follicles.

THYMUSKIN® also includes active ingredients such as caffeine, vitamin E and Urtica dioica which provide additional caring and nurturing functions. Also included are cosmetic ingredients such as Panthenol or plant & wheat proteins, which form a group providing hair care properties. Due to its effective active ingredient, no side effects, and its studied results, THYMUSKIN® is continuously recommended by dermatologists, pharmacists and salon owners.

  • Enhancement of cell vitality
    THYMUSKIN® increases the cells in the hair matrix, as well as the viability and vitality of human kerationocytes which are greatly involved in producing the root substance of the hair.
  • Growth stimulation through thymic peptides
    An independent study recently presents evidence that selected thymic peptides operate as direct modulators of human hair follicle growth. (Meier N et al.: Thymic Peptides Differentially Modulate Human Hair Follicle Growth 2012)
  • Prolongs growth phase by Inhibition of 5alpha reductase and further enzymes
    THYMUSKIN® impairs the main enzymes which have been shown to play a major role in the transition of the anagen to the katagen and telogen phases of the hair growth cycle. Harmful 5alpha reductase is being blocked too.
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How To Apply Thymuskin 2-Step System

Using THYMUSKIN® is very easy. Follow the directions below for optimal results.

  • STEP 1: Wash your hair with THYMUSKIN® Shampoo

    STEP 1: Wash your hair with THYMUSKIN® Shampoo
    1. Choose the correct THYMUSKIN® Shampoo that meets your specific hair type.
    2. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.
    3. Massage the THYMUSKIN® shampoo gently into your hair and scalp for about a minute.
    4. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water to wash out the Shampoo.
    5. Dry your hair, preferably with a towel. If using a dryer, do not point directly to scalp.
  • STEP 2:Apply the THYMUSKIN® Serum directly to the scalp

    STEP 2: Apply the THYMUSKIN® Serum directly to the scalp
    1. Choose the correct THYMUSKIN® Serum that meets your specific thinning hair condition.
    2. Place the applicator tip directly on the scalp to apply the THYMUSKIN® Serum in drops to the scalp.
    3. Massage the Serum with your fingertips in circling motions into the scalp until it seems dry.
    4. Proceed this way for about 4-6 parted hair lines for the total scalp. It is a leave-in product, do not rinse out.
    5. Finally style your hair as you normally do. You can also use styling products if needed. There is no need to dry your hair or scalp after application.
    6. The THYMUSKIN® Serum can be applied to the scalp, both in the case of still damp, as well as already dried hair - on the days when the hair was not washed.

Clinically Tested

THYMUSKIN® is actively engaged in scientific research with positive results found by dermatological clinics and university hospitals. The good tolerability and cosmetic acceptance have been repeatedly approved within controlled scientific observational studies and through investigations carried out by German and international skin clinics and university hospitals.

For example, during a recent observational study by Dr. Barbareschi, the efficacy and safety of THYMUSKIN® in was tested by 364 participating patients over a period of six months. In addition to a significant reduction of hair loss, a positive tolerability was reported in 100% of the cases and no side effects were reported. Furthermore, a positive cosmetic acceptance / tolerance could be approved in 98% of all cases*.

Clinically Proven

THYMUSKIN® is proud to be partnered with a variety of clinics, universities and teaching hospitals:

  • Academic Teaching Hospital of the Universities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg
  • City Hospital of Vienna-Lainz, Austria
  • Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
  • University of Münster Medizinische Akademie Hannover
  • Medical Hospital of the Technical University Munich
  • German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg
  • Dermatology Unit, University of Milan, Italy


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