How to use Thymuskin products

Thymuskin Shampoos

The Thymuskin cleansing & caring shampoo cleans from accumulated dirt particles and provides already the thymic peptide active ingredient GKL-02 to the scalp. Additionally Thymuskin Shampoo supplies the hair with various caring ingredients. Finally, it prepares for the application of Thymuskin Serum. Therefore, usage of Thymuskin Shampoo is crucial for the most effective results during the Thymuskin hair therapy. The application of the respective Thymuskin Shampoo can be adapted to your usual washing rhythm (at least twice a week).

Thymuskin Shampoo Anwendung (Haare waschen) / Thymuskin shampoo application (hair washing)

Application Thymuskin Shampoo

  1. For gentle cleaning and basic conditioning, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Massage the shampoo into the hair and scalp and let it take effect briefly.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  4. Dry the cleaned hair, preferably with a towel.

Dosage THYMUSKIN® Shampoo

Use a hazelnut-sized amount (about 1.5 ml) for short hair to double the amount for long hair.

Thymuskin Serum

After acclimation (see notes), use it 1x daily until a significant improvement occurs. Thereafter, a reduction to 3x per week. Once the desired result is achieved, Thymuskin can be slowly discontinued.

Duration of application

  • Diffuse hair loss: Depending on the cause and stage, a minimum period of use of 3 - 6 months is recommended.
  • For genetically caused hair loss, long-term use is recommended, since the cause can not be eliminated due to the genetic predisposition. After discontinuation of Thymuskin hair loss migth occur again. First successes may be seen after 12 weeks, depending on the stage and condition of the hair roots.
  • Circular hair loss: As soon as the bald spots are overgrown again, use may be reduced to 3x per week for another 4-6 weeks in order to maintain the successful status. Afterwards, Thymuskin can be slowly discontinued.

Thymuskin Serum Anwendung / Application

Application Thymuskin Serum

  1. Place the applicator tip directly on the scalp to apply the Thymuskin Serum in punctual drops to the scalp.
  2. Massage the serum with your fingertips in circling motions into the scalp until it seems dry.
  3. Proceed this way. Usually it needs about 4-6 parted hair lines for the total scalp. It is a leave-in product, do not rinse out.
  4. The Thymuskin Serum can be applied to the scalp, both in the case of still damp, as well as already dried hair. Also on the days when the hair was not washed.
  5. You can use your styling products as normal but leave out application to the scalp.
  6. Avoid to point hair dryer directly on the scalp. Blow dry with distance and only warm, not hot air.

Dosage THYMUSKIN® Serum

Wet scalp with water (approx. 2 ml to max. 4 ml). Distribute serum well, not so much that it runs down the head.


Acclimation: When starting to use Thymuskin, the activation of hair follicles can lead to a slight increase in hair loss. In order to minimize this potential effect, adjust the application of the respective Thymuskin Shampoo to your usual washing rhythm (at least twice a week). Apply Thymuskin Serum for the first 6 weeks every 2 days and thereafter daily (even on days when you do not wash your hair). After successful therapy, thymuskin should be slowly reduced.

Pathological hair loss can be a sign of illness. In such cases you must consult a doctor to find the cause. You can also get advice from your pharmacist.

The application is suitable for children from 3 years.

For use during pregnancy or lactation, please consult your doctor or pharmacist. Thymuskin is free of animal components and, when used as directed, is very well tolerated.

The Hair-Count-Method

The determination of the number of hairs that fall out daily is recommended. With this simple and effective method, the course of the application and its effects are documented.

Before starting the therapy, wash your hair on a fixed day of the week, which you keep for the hair count method, over a closed sink. Then pull out the hair in the water, e.g. with a comb. Place the hairs on a paper towel and count them.

Then note down the result so that you can find it again later and compare it with other results.

This is the only way to reliably determine whether hair loss is improving or worsening. A positive effect is usually shown by a slight decrease in hair loss, which is often overlooked without the hair counting method.

As soon as you notice a reduction in hair loss (usually after a few weeks of use), the consistent use until the successful conclusion of therapy is much easier. Important: It is essential that you maintain your usual hair washing rhythm.

We speak of slight hair loss with a loss of 100-150 hairs per day. More than 150 lost hairs are referred to as severe hair loss.