An overview of key study findings

Studies and controlled observational scientific investigations performed on more than 1,000 men and women at dermatology and university clinics in Germany and internationally have verified the effectiveness of Thymuskin on all forms of hair loss. The success rate for androgenetic hair loss, telogen effluvium, alopecia areata and mild forms of cytostatic drug-induced alopecia averages well over 90%, with no side effects involved even with long-term use. The most important study findings have been compiled into this pamphlet.

ThymuskinThymuskin is a dermatological system to counter hair loss and to activate new hair growth for both men and women. It is highly effective, offers very good tolerability for various types of hair loss and does not have any side effects.

The dermatological Thymuskin system consists of the combined application of Thymuskin Shampoo and Thymuskin Scalp Serum. Thymuskin contains the patented GKL-02 active complex which mimics natural thymus extract and is free of animal-derived ingredients.

The GKL-02 thymic peptide active complex improves supply to hair follicle cells during the growth phase, boosting the formation of new hair cells and strengthens those already in place. It also extends the hair's growth phase. Hair follicles remaining intact are reactivated, new hairs are formed and the growth phase is significantly extended. In addition, Thymuskin boosts immune defenses and reduces the number of follicle cells dying off.

Thymuskin has been effective against hair loss for more than 30 years - a track record which is unique worldwide. This lasting success is based on the intensive research and study work undertaken by the Klett-Loch company group.

Overview of THYMUSKIN® Clinical Studies

  • Lainz Hospital, Vienna
    1st Department of Surgery
    Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Clinical Oncology Prof. Dr. H. Denck
  • Hannover Medical School
    Department of Haematology/Oncology
    Dr. med. H. Wilke
  • Women Dermatologists of Italy (DDI)
    Part I (12 weeks), part II (24 weeks) Dott. Corinna Rigoni
  • Lainz Hospital, Vienna
    Women's Clinic, Department of Gynecological Endocrinology Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. B. Runnebaum
  • University Hospital Muenster
    Surgical Oncology
    Prof. Dr. Dr. N.-P. Lüpke
  • Medical Clinic and Outpatient Clinic at TU Munich
    'Klinikum rechts der Isar' University Hospital Department of Oncology/Haematology
    Prof. Dr. med. Fink
  • Institute of Pathophysiology and Transplantation
    University of Milan, Italy
    Dott. Mauro Barbareschi
  • German Cancer Research Centre
    Department of Medical and Biological Informatics Prof. Dr. Claus O. Köhler
  • Darmstadt Clinic - academic teaching hospital
    for Frankfurt/Main and Heidelberg-Mannheim Universities Director of the Dermatology Clinic
    Prof. Dr. med. Hagedorn

The THYMUSKIN® Active Complex

In addition to natural substances and cosmetic ingredients, Thymuskin also contains the patented active thymic peptide complex GKL-02.

Unique worldwide, this active complex is the result of many years of research. In this peptide library thirty three amino acid derivatives are chemically combined in a statistic manner with each other and lastly physically combined with seventeen naturally occurring amino acids, either as such, as their salts and as their derivatives. This results in a unique active substance that contains di-, tri-, tetrapeptides as well as free amino acids. The peptides in the GKL-02 active thymic peptide complex were created using a peptide synthesis process (rather than being extracted from animal tissue) and therefore contain no animal components. The composition of this statistical peptide library mimics that of calf thymus gland total extract.

The average molecular weight of the individual peptides is between 180 and 600 daltons, thus facilitating penetration through the follicle skin layer after being applied to the scalp. As the GKL-02 active thymic peptide complex contains numerous components which act synergistically, the mode of action cannot be attributed to a single peptide; instead, the active complex as a whole is responsible for the various biological effects on hair growth. These effects have been successfully proven in numerous preclinical and clinical studies.

THYMUSKIN® Mode of Action

Thymuskin has an immunological effect on hair follicles, as is typical for a thymic preparation. The innovative peptide synthesis technology enables the peptides to penetrate deeply into the skin and to reach the hair follicle without any difficulty.

Thymuskin stops hair loss and stimulates new hair growth by increasing keratinocyte cell viability, boosting lymphocyte proliferation, inhibiting the effect of mast cells on hair follicles, and directly modulating hair follicle growth.


Preclinical Studies

Clinical Studies

A multicentric study8 was undertaken investigating the effectiveness and tolerability of Thymuskin (serum and shampoo) in the initial phase of androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and chronic telogen effluvium (chronic TE) over a period of six months. The study included 364 test subjects split as follows:

  • 70 men (average age 30.7) with AGA
  • 57 men (average age 35.9) with chronic TE
  • 53 women (average age 42.1) with AGA
  • 184 women (average age 36.9) with chronic TE

The patients used the serum once a day and the shampoo three times a week over a total period of 24 weeks. All test subjects underwent a pull test and a symptom evaluation (seborrhoea, erythema and itching) performed by the investigator. Tolerability and cosmetic acceptance/tolerance were also assessed. After six months of treatment, patients with AGA and patients with chronic TE both demonstrated a significant decrease in hair loss, a stimulation of hair growth and a reduction in the symptoms of seborrhoea, erythema and itching. Tolerability and cosmetic acceptance were good to very good in the majority of patients.