Excellent research and product guys!

I used it for my mom who had alopecia a few years ago with excellent results! She has such thick beautiful hair again. Now I'm using it for myself as my hairs thinning on my crown and my hairline is receeding and I'm getting married... Excellent research and product guys!

-Kevin C

...I can still say for myself that my hair has become stronger.

l also find it's growing faster. Looks more healthy and I'm going on to use the products, on my genetic predisposition | want to counteract. If I have more hair than before? I'd say yes.

-Anke L.

My hair loss seems to have stopped and my hair looks a little thicker too.

I am 22 years old and have been experiencing hair loss for 9 months now. | am currently using Thymuskin and Advecia to combat my hair loss with some pretty good results. | started using those 3 months ago.


I had experienced severe hair loss after childbirth and read about Thymuskin.

I would like to let you know this: My son was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma stage 4 about 7 months ago. He required aggressive chemo which would make him lose his hair. It worked wonders on me, hair stopped falling after a week and | just used the gel. So, even though | was skeptical that it would work against chemo, | convinced my son to try it. He did lose a lot of hair, but he never went bald and now, two weeks after the end of, thank God, successful treatment, he has a full head of hair!!! | did not tell him to put it on his eyebrows, and those he lost completely.

- Anamari Artin

One thing you need to know is it works! (Thymuskin Forte)

| believe it works, wouldn't be spending the money. Used in the past and stopped. Went on a diet and lost my hair. Doctor recommended Rogaine and it made my head itch and flake. It was hard to manage and went on another diet and purchased Thymuskin again because | liked the way it worked. | know | have some new hair growth even my hair dresser commented.

- Leonard

It works if you use it for the right condition and with other meds.

This worked for my boyfriend - he had bald spots all over his head from alopecia areata. After a few months of using this product as well as the shampoo and conditioner, all his hair grew back. It's hard to say if this is the reason why it grew back (he was also ap- plying a cream), but it seemed that using this product was the turning point for his condition. It will not work for everyone, as it will likely only help for alopecia areata involving a lack of thymus hormone. Studies on alopecia areata show about 3/4 of people with the condition have a low thymus hormone level. However, alopecia areata is complicated and that's often not the only reason the hair falls out -so the only way to know if it works is to try it. Expect to have to purchase it twice, as it needs to be continued for a few months. Ultimately the course of treatment will run you about $500-600 as of this review, since you really should buy all 3 twice: serum, shampoo, conditioner. Not that much considering the alternative is losing your hair in unsightly patches. But most doctors recommend using multiple treatments. You should also visit a dermatologist and get prescription medication/injections/cream depending on what they recommend. | would imagine the chance of success by using this alone is not as good, since low thymus hormone is not the only reason the hair falls out. (Thymuskin Forte)

-Cory M. Waxman

My hair was thinning all over and now it looks perfectly normal, full and healthy, like | never turned 30!

Have been using it for almost 2 years now. No prescription necessary, no side effects and (for me) has gotten the job done . Seems expensive until you consider the cost of the prescription and surgical alternatives. (Thymuskin Forte)

-A. DiMarzio

My bald spot grew back!

| had this huge bald spot behind my head and | tried everything from pills to creams. | read about Thymuskin and | decided to try it. Although there were no reviews on this product, | did not care. | was balding and | wanted my hair back. The bald spot started out small but grew very large. | went to see a dermatologist, she took one look at me didn't even look at my head and said it was because of weaves and braids and that | should stop doing these things to my hair, although | don't wear weaves or braids, never had (I'm African American by the way). | always had very long thick afro texture hair. Anyway, | bought the product Thymuskin and have used it for six weeks my hair has grown back in the spot where there was no hair! | am very happy with this product, very expensive but worth it. The product has a mild scent, nothing offensive. | would recommend it to anyone who feels like they have nowhere to turn. (Thymuskin Forte)


This works for many types of hair loss. In fact on the main site there are studies that were done.

It was originally made for people who had gone through chemo. It works for 95% of women 65% of men. I have used this and it worked for me. The first time was after surgery and my hair was falling out by the handful, noticed a difference after a month, baby hairs all over my scalp. The second time was after chemo, I did not think it would work during so waited. I used it and again noticed a difference after a month. I have now been using for 5 months and my hair is growing very fast and for some reason coming in curly. I am really happy with this product and will continue to use. Update 12/17/14 I had an operation so am once again losing my hair. I found out I was using way too much of the gel on my scalp; I was told the 100 ml should last two months and the 200 ml should last me 3 to 4 months. I am so happy to have hair again. I apply it every night so that it can stay on my scalp up to 12 hours. I think that is why I notice a difference after a month. It stops the hair from shedding so badly and it also regrows my hair. I highly recommend. Update 9/17 I am still using. I don't have to use much anymore so one bottle lasts over 6 months. I'm using on eyebrows now. What a difference and it's helping eyelashes! (Thymuskin Forte)


This works for many types of hair loss. In fact on the main site there are studies that were done.

I've done some research on Thymuskin and it appears that it's main ingredient (an extract made from the thymus gland of a calf) works by blocking the effects of testosterone on hair follicles. It is noted that upon initial use some hair will be lost as the follicles grow new, more robust hair. Apparently, the hair that does fall out initially should be weak, fine hair anyway. I am not bald but rather want to keep what I have and this -combined with Rogaine -does the trick. Is it worth it? I think so. (Thymuskin Forte)


Excellent Great Product I will recommend to my friends I will purchase it again.

This product has everything I expected and more. (Thymuskin Forte)

-Yesenia Huerta

This is a good product.

If you are looking for it to grow hair I didn't find that to be the case. But as a good product for thinning hair it works for me. It makes my hair feel fuller with good texture. I use it along with the Treatment. I must warn you the two together are very pricey especially if you wash your hair every day. I find I can go two days. (Thymuskin Classic)

-Joanne Jadul

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