Thymuskin® Hydro Gel

Thymuskin® Hydro Gel

Dermatological moisturizing care & growth promotion after hair transplant.
  • Promotes the growth of grafts
  • Strengthen hair roots
  • Postoperative care after hair transplant
  • For all genders

What Will Hydro Gel Do For You?

  • Promotes The Growth of Grafts

    Promotes The Growth of Grafts

  • Skin Soothing Effect

    Skin Soothing Effect

  • Strengthen Hair Roots

    Strengthen Hair Roots

  • Postoperative Care Preventing Scabs

    Postoperative Care Preventing Scabs

Get the hair care you need after your hair transplant.

Get the hair care you need after your hair transplant.

Pre- & Post operative care plays a major role for optimal healing & regrowth

  • The first weeks decide whether the transplant will grow into place, or not.
  • Wound healing disorders or inflammatory scalp reactions may occur.
  • Scabbing and scarring can be significantly reduced by using specific aftercare products which prevent the formation of scabs to a large extend.
  • During the first 10-20 days, few of the transplanted hair may fall out. This so-called "shock loss effect" is mainly caused by the temporary lack of oxygen supply to the grafts. The follicles turn to the resting phase and after a while the newly re-growing hair is pushing out already inactive, resting hair.
How it Works

How it Works

The formation of scabs is part of the normal healing process of the body. It is important to be active against wound formation and possible crust on the scalp. The relocated grafts need to be able to take oxygen after a couple of days following the transplant. Because of this, it is essential to counteract wound formation from the beginning.

One needs to maintain a clean and moist scalp in order to prevent scabs and crust from forming and remaining in order to get flawless results. It is important to wash the donor area and the recipient area with a special mild and ph friendly shampoo as of day 3 after the transplant - and to moisten the recipient area with a special moisturizing care. Thus promoting the healing effect and the drying of the wounds.

After two weeks, the scalp should be free of scabs.

How to Apply

How to Apply

  • In consultation with the transplant surgeon, Thymuskin Hydro Gel is used after wound closure, as of the 3rd day after the hair transplant.
  • Thymuskin Hydro Gel is carefully applied to the recipient area several times daily - just as needed.
  • It may also be applied to the remaining area of the scalp in order to strengthen hair roots and calm the scalp.
  • Especially when recipient area is beginning to dry out - apply more Thymuskin Hydro Gel to keep the scalp moist.


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