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For more than 30 years, Thymuskin has been successfully used to fight hair loss and to enhance new hair growth.

Clinically Tested

The positive effect of Thymuskin was confirmed in scientific studies several times.


Using Thymuskin is very easy and convenient to add to your daily routine.

Cosmetic Tolerance

Thymuskin is free of any side effects, silicones, parabenes and free of bovine ingredients.

Clinically Proven

Thymuskin® is actively engaged in scientific research with positive results found by dermatological clinics and university hospitals. The good tolerability and cosmetic acceptance have been repeatedly approved within controlled scientific observational studies and through investigations carried out by German and international skin clinics and university hospitals.

For example, during a recent observational study by Dr. Barbareschi, the efficacy and safety of Thymuskin® in was tested by 364 participating patients over a period of six months. In addition to a significant reduction of hair loss, a positive tolerability was reported in 100% of the cases and no side effects were reported. Furthermore, a positive cosmetic acceptance / tolerance could be approved in 98% of all cases*.


Thymuskin® is proud to be partnered with a variety of clinics, universities and teaching hospitals:

  • Academic Teaching Hospital of the Universities of Frankfurt and Heidelberg
  • City Hospital of Vienna-Lainz, Austria
  • Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg
  • University of Münster Medizinische Akademie Hannover
  • Medical Hospital of the Technical University Munich
  • German Cancer Research Centre Heidelberg
  • Dermatology Unit, University of Milan, Italy
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  • “I'm not balding but decided to use your Med shampoo and my hair feels a lot stronger and thicker... definitely recommend. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation and advice. Both GP and dermatologist did not advise as well as you did...” Ian G.
  • “I used it for my mom who had alopecia a few years ago with excellent results! She has such thick beautiful hair again. Now I'm using it for myself as my hairs thinning on my crown and my hairline is receeding and I'm getting married... Excellent research and product guys!” Kevin C.
  • “...I can still say for myself that my hair has become stronger. I also find it's growing faster. Looks more healthy and I'm going on to use the products, on my genetic predisposition I want to counteract. If I have more hair than before? I'd say yes.” Anke L.
  • “Thank you for creating such an incredible product. It really does work! My hair was thinning on top in a hereditary balding pattern for five years before using your amazing line-up of Thymuskin lotions, gels and shampoo... Now, after 6 months of using only 3 products, my hair is much thicker and fuller than before. My receding hairline has been replaced with new baby fine hair. My stylist is very impressed with the results I'm getting and has never seen anything like it. Thanks again for selling a product that really does live up to its claims!!!” Kim
  • “I want to let everyone know who feels skeptical about trying this product out before Chemotherapy...Try ThymuSkin, you won't regret it! I was told to expect hair loss from my Chemo but I kept 95% of my hair thanks to this treatment. I have finished my entire course of cancer fighting agents and still have my hair! When searching the internet I came across your products. After doing more research, I felt convinced to try it. And let me tell you that I color my hair and I can also tell you that it is not bothered at all by the coloring.” Elizabeth
  • “I am 22 years old and have been experiencing hair loss for 9 months now. I am currently using Thymuskin and Advecia to combat my hair loss with some pretty good results. I started using those 3 months ago. My hair loss seems to have stopped and my hair looks a little thicker too.” Ryan
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